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The History of Fire Escapes

Fire partitions. Public safety campaigns. Smoke alarms. Sprinkler systems. Doors that say “This is not an exit”. And fire escapes. What can we learn from fire safety about expecting failure and designing for it?

Past talks

The History of Fire Escapes (VideoSlides)

Have You Tried Turning It Off and Turning It On Again (VideoSlides)

Most of us have a backup strategy and many of us have a restore strategy and several of us have a fully tested restore strategy. But dependencies and complicated fallback plans make these strategies perilous.

Traps and Cookies (Video)

Does your production environment expect perfect humans? Does technical debt turn your small changes into minefields? This talk highlights tools, code, configuration, and documentation that set us up for disaster.

Microservice Dependencies

Microservices are great but their inter-dependencies are hard for humans to reason about. Here’s how to visualise it, rethink your dependencies and start handing the problem over to robots.

Ten Things That Will Make You Leave Technical Jobs

Half of the women who enter the tech industry don’t survive ten years. This talk walks through some of the things and people that try to push them out. If you can see it coming, it has less power over you.