Image: Animated gif showing the view out the window of a sleeper car on the Lakeshore Limited train from New York to Chicago. The Hudson River and another set of tracks are going by outside. The sky is blue and has fluffy clouds. Damn, I want to be on a train right now.

These are the slides from my Continuous Lifecycle London keynote.


Continuous integration. Continuous deployment. Continuous delivery. We’re moving as fast as we can, but are we going in the right direction? In this talk, we’ll discuss why “But why?” is the most important question you can ask along the way, and look at some of the detours and roadblocks that can hinder your journey: vestigial infrastructure, migrations that never end, and the kinds of technical debt that can DDoS a whole organisation.

More than that, we’ll ask the big questions: Why are we doing any of this? Why are we all here? What are we for?

By adding continuous introspection (and a little existential angst) to the continuous lifecycle, we can go faster, better.



The Sesame Street crew say it better than anyone else could. Thank you Cian for sending this.

Thank you so much to Christina Schulman, Dina Betser, Julia Schmidt, Joel Votaw, Kate Mahoney, Laura Nolan, Tiarnan de Burca, Andrew Lawrence, John Turner, Robert Konigsberg, Suse Goericke, Alex Hidalgo and Niall Sheridan who gave me comments on some of the many, many early drafts of this talk. To quote the feedback from an early practice run: “uh …how did you feel it went?”. See, nice would have been to say it was good; kind was to be clear it still needed some work and give a ton of quality suggestions. Thanks, friends <3