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Conversation with Ms 4

Me: “How was your day?”
Ms 4: “Did you know two threes is the same as three twos?”
“I did know that. And two fours is the same as four twos.”
“For real! And two fives is the same as five twos”
counting on her fingers No actually one finger is still down”
“Try counting again”
Counts again It is!”
“Pretty great, huh?”

both sit in silence for a while, being pleased about numbers. I don’t tell her that the commutative property works for all numbers. She’ll realise on her own some time and be excited and I don’t want to do spoilers.

Ms 4: “What did you do today?”
Me: “I wrote code but it didn’t work yet”
“What words you couldn’t type? Did you try typing C?” demonstrates typing a C
“Well, it’s Java today, but it’s not really the typing. I’m trying to make two little programs that talk to each other. One says “Ping!” and when the other one hears that it says “Pong!”. They just chat away to each other all day long. Ping Pong! Or they will, I hope. Maybe tomorrow.
“Why they don’t now?”
“I’m trying to use a thing called a framework that I don’t know at all, and it takes longer to make something work when you don’t know how to do it yet.”
“You could ask someone?”
“I could, but I just started trying it and I bet I can get it to work tomorrow. It’s sometimes fun to learn new stuff on your own when you’re not in a hurry.”
“I know how to code superheroes.”
“Tell me”
“You code one superhero and then add a ‘s’ “
“I’ll remember that”

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