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Conversation with Ms 3

Ms 3: “What did you do today?”
Me: “I filled out forms to see if I can talk at a conference. Then I looked at a thing to see if it was broken but it wasn’t broken, it was just confusing. So I said maybe we should make it not confusing and someone else did that.”
“Then did you write code?”
“I actually didn’t write any code today.”
“Why you didn’t write code?”
“I had to do other things instead. Like, I read some things other people wrote and left comments.”
“Was that code?”
“Why it wasn’t code?”
“Some work just isn’t code.”
“You know what, I reviewed some code!”
“What means reviewed?”
“It means I looked at it and said if I could see any mistakes. Whenever we write code another person has to look at it and see if it’s good.”
“If you writed code does someone look at it and see if it’s good?”
“Is it good?”
“…I’m not sure.”
“Why you didn’t write code and see if it’s good?”

Wifi Please?

Bazel is easier than Makefiles