Bazel is easier than Makefiles

My credit card changed and github mailed me to ask where its monthly $7 was. So I went over there to sort it out and couldn’t help noticing some code out of the corner of my eye that was from when I was learning C++ (I am still learning C++. I will always be learning C++. Civilisations will come and go and I will be… anyway.) and that triggered large amounts of “someone is wrong on the internet and that person is me”.

Inevitably this led to small fixes, which snowballed into big refactorings and suddenly it was 5pm on a Saturday and I was adding Makefiles to things which had been perfectly happy being gcc commandlines. Makefiles led to being annoyed and wishing for an alternative and that’s when I remembered bazel.

It took maybe twelve minutes to go from “I just remembered bazel is a thing” to “my code now builds and runs using it”, and at least nine of those were figuring out how to install java8 on ubuntu.

That was an amazing user experience. And a triumph of documentation too.

Also Chase bank can go to hell for cancelling the amtrak rewards credit card.