Hacking scared humans

When you've got a project that needs to be done, you can ask someone who can already do it, or you can help someone go up a level by (gently!) taking them out of their comfort zone. The latter takes time, but you'll be glad you did it.

Graphing chips with gnuplot

Today I needed to make a bar chart out of some data, and reached for my trusty examples... and realised that they were in my home directory in the company I no longer work at. So today I learned gnuplot almost from scratch again and here's my new trusty example.

Stock Photography

It’s easy to see why people avoid using pictures in talks, and I love watching talks made entirely of big splashy text-only slides. I want to try writing a talk in that style some time, but I haven’t done it yet. For now, here's some sites I use for pictures.