28 Mar 2017 : Testing MrHyde

This blog has existed for three months, and so far I think Jekyll is pretty good. You kind of have to work to make it do things, but usually the work is fun and not too annoying. And it forced me to learn some CSS, which was, well, hilariously awful, but interesting.

But it’s a bit annoying to have to get to my github account every time I want to post something. This evening it finally occurred to me to look for an Android app that handles making the file in the repo with the right format. And there is one! It’s called MrHyde and I’m posting this using it. Let’s see how it goes.

Edit: my only complaint is that my keyboard’s autocorrect adds capitalisation, which breaks keywords that need to stay lowercase. It’s hardly MrHyde’s fault, but I filed an issue to ask for a workaround. And then I stared at the code for a while, but… it’s an Android app and my limited experience of Android Studio was mostly being angry. (Though I did get a tiny PR out, which was then ignored forever by the maintainers of the thing. Oh well!) I should learn more Java (and, indeed Android development) some time so that I like it more, but not today. Anyway, MrHyde is a nice app and I recommend it.